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Research data finder
  • Describe your research dataset

    Add metadata on your dataset to Etsin. This information documents the content and context of the data.

  • Publish your dataset's description

    Publish the metadata on your data. The descriptive information enables others to find your dataset in Etsin.

  • Get a permanent identifier for your dataset

    Receive a permanent identifier for your dataset. The identifier creates a permanent link to the dataset page in Etsin.

  • Link to your dataset and share it

    Link to your dataset from your publications and CV. Via Etsin you may also share your dataset with others as openly or based on applications.

What is Etsin?

Etsin enables you to find research datasets and to make your own datasets discoverable to others. Etsin offers access to datasets in various fields via a joint metadata model. The descriptive metadata stored in the service includes information on the authors, subject, format and licensing of the dataset.

Who can use Etsin?

Anyone can use Etsin to search for research datasets. Haka-authenticated users may enter information on their own datasets, and of others' datasets with their permission. Etsin aims to collect information on datasets from various sources and from various fields. You do not have to be a professional scientist or researcher in order use the service.

Is all data in Etsin open?

The published metadata on the dataset is open to everyone. The data owner decides how the underlying research data can be accessed and by whom. Nevertheless, sharing your data openly is recommended whenever possible. Etsin works independently of actual data storage location.