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Research data finder


Etsin is a research data finder that contains descriptive information – that is, metadata – on research datasets.

The Etsin Research Data Finder is undergoing a major makeover and will soon become an integrated part of the Finnish Fairdata Services . Some minor disturbances may occur during the reconstruction.

If you plan publishing new datasets in the near future we recommend using contacting the distributor as access type, if you have to restrict access to your dataset. Open publishing is always recommended if possible. Also, read the instructions for creating a new dataset in the old Etsin.

If you plan to publish data stored in IDA please contact so we can ensure the process will go smoothly.

The metadata stored in Etsin includes information on the author, subject, format and licensing of the dataset. In the service you can search and find data from various fields of research.

Researchers, research groups or organisations can also use Etsin to publish information on their datasets and offer them for wider use. Haka-authenticated users may enter information on their own datasets, and of others' datasets with their permission. Read more in the Etsin Privacy Policy Document .

The published metadata on the dataset is open to everyone. The data rights owner decides how the underlying research data can be accessed and by whom. Sharing your data openly is recommended whenever possible. Etsin works independently of actual data storage location.

You can send inquiries or feedback concerning Etsin by contacting the service desk. Should you find any erroneous information in the service, you may request their removal or correction by contacting the same address.