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    NMR data from continuous SABRE polarizer

    NMR spectra and MR images obtained from SABRE-hyperpolarized samples.
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    Data Management Plan: Reshaping cellulose: nano and micro beads through molec...

    The current proposal seeks for novel methods to replace synthetic polymers in microplastics (nano and micro particles) with environmentally friendly cellulosic materials. We suggest two epochmaking methods for cellulose regeneration: cellulose is shown to micro phase separate from its solution in ionic liquids 1) upon cooling and 2) when transferred from...
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    The starting structure was constructed using the CHARMM-GUI Membrane Builder ( online tool. All runs were performed with Gromacs 5.0.4 software package and CHARMM36 additive force field parameters obtained from CHARMM-GUI input files [1]. Conditions: T=303, 128 POPC molecules, 6400 tip3p waters (lipid/water 1:50), 100 Ca, 200...
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    MD simulation trajectory and related files for fully hydrated DPPC bilayer with 1 M NaCl. The OPLSAA-compatible Berger-DPPC-06 force field (DOI:10.1088/0953--8984/18/28/S07) was used with Gromacs 5.0.4. Ions were described by the Åqvist parameters. Conditions: T=323K, 72 lipids, 2778 SPC waters, 51 Na, 51 Cl. 120 ns trajectory, last 60 ns analyzed....