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    Daily temperature and precipitation, 10km (older version), 1971-2000

    Daily precipitation sums and average temperatures interpolated to 10x10 km grid in GeoTiff format. Tiff images were generated by Prof. Ari Jolma (Helsinki University of Technology) from Finnish Meteorological Institute's statistics in TXT-format. Coordinate Reference System: YKJ / Finland Uniform Coordinate System (EPSG:2393)
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    Digiroad road and street database, 20 x 20 km map sheets, R format, 2006, 1:1...

    Digiroad is a national roads and streets database. It is designed to support different kind of transport systems and it is updated by municipalities (attribute data) and National Land Survey (geometry). Digiroad contains all streets and public, private and forest roads. Digiroad includes data about road names and numbers, road width and cover, number of...