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    Petra Papyri

    Greek-language papyrus archive dating from the 6th century AD, found in carbonized state at Petra, Jordan. Contains documentary texts related mainly to the legal and fiscal affairs of a well-off local family. Partly published. Ongoing research divided between two teams, one at the University of Helsinki, the other at the University of Michigan.
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    Information on Social Security Benefits in Finnish Sign Language

    Information available also in Finnish Sign Language on social security benefits provided by Kela (the Finnish Social Insurance Institution).
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    Interviews of the HALS Project's Sakhalin Field Trip

    Contains audio and video recordings of interviews with speakers of Nivkh that were collected during the Sakhalin field trip of the HALS project ( The corpus includes interviews in Russian, in which sociolinguistic information was collected about the informants, as well as interviews in Nivh, which...
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    Corpus of Spoken Modern French

    Corpus of Spoken Modern French, transcriptions included.
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    Corpus vasorum antiquorum Finlandiae I

    The corpus contains slides and researchers' notes in non-electronic format on ancient Graeco-Roman vases.
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    DigiTala Corpus

    The corpus, containing recorded spoken language collected by Society of Swedish Literature in Finland in the project Spara det finlandssvenska talet 2005-2008, will be made available in Kielipankki ( For information on the DigiTala project see
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    The von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives (WWA)

    The archives consist of two parts: the Wittgenstein Archives maintained by Georg Henrik von Wright since the 1960s and von Wright's own literary estate, including a vast amount of letters mainly relating to his work as one of Ludwig Wittgenstein's three literary executors 1951-2003. The main part was donated by G.H. von Wright to the University of...
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    Translations of the Bible and of the Church Manual into Finnish Sign Language

    Contents: The Bible. The Gospel of John. Sign language translation. Helsinki: Kirkon tiedotuskeskus, 2011. DVD. The Old Testament. 1 Genesis 1:1-4:16, 6:1-9:17. Sign language translation. Helsinki: Kirkkohallitus/KJM, 2010. DVD. Translations of The Gospel Book. Sign-language translations of the Church Manual 3. Helsinki: Kirkon tiedotuskeskus/TV-toimitus...
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    The Weekday Communion Service in Finland Swedish Sign Language

    The Weekday communion service in Finland Swedish sign language.
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    The Hanken Corpus of Academic Writing

    Contains the written production of students in economic sciences (most of them Masters students) enrolled at the Hanken School of Economics, in Helsinki, Finland. The corpus is designed to be a dynamic 'monitor corpus', in the sense that new texts will periodically be added to it. The corpus will be published in GitHub with a Creative Commons license.
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    The Corpus of Ingrian Finnish

    The corpus of Ingrian Finnish dialects was collected by the University of Joensuu (the predecessor of the University of Eastern Finland). The corpus contains about 100 hours of audio files and transcripts of the interviews of Ingrian Finnish speakers in the territory of Ingria (Russia) and in Estonia. The recordings in Russia (about 70 hours) were...
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    Interviews with Volunteers that Worked for the Lotta Svärd Foundation in the ...

    The corpus contains interviews with volunteers that worked for the Lotta Svärd Foundation in the 1920s and 1930s (cassette tapes and transcripts in non-electronic format).
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    Marta Keravuori's Archive

    The archive contains i.a. letters in non-electronic format, photos and post cards that belonged to Marta Keravuori, Finnish translator of Japanese literature.
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    Information in Sign Language on Municipal Services in the Helsinki Region

    Information available also in Finnish and Finland Swedish sign language on municipal services in the Helsinki region (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen), e.g. on social and health services, education, public transport, environmental services and leisure time activities.
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    Veikko Väänänen's Corpus

    The corpus contains printed research material that belonged to Veikko Väänänen, professor of Romance Philology.
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    The Morpho-Syntactic Database of Mikael Agricola's Works

    The Morpho-Syntactic Database of Mikael Agricola's Works contains the Finnish parts of Mikael Agricola’s works (Abckiria, Rukouskiria, Se Wsi testamenti, Käsikiria, Messu, Piina, Psaltari, Veisut, Profeetat). The database was created from 2004 to 2008, when the texts offered by the Institute for the Languages of Finland were coded and annotated by the...
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    English as a Foreign Language Corpus

    Videotaped English lessons from lower secondary and upper secondary (gymnasium) schools in .avi and .mpg2 formats.
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    Finnish Collectors of Ancient Graeco-Roman Artifacts

    The corpus contains biographies of Finnish collectors of Ancient Greco-Roman artifacts as well as information about the artifacts they collected.
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    Professor Marjatta Wis' Corpus

    The corpus contains i.a. press cuttings, hand-written notes, manuscripts, microfilms and photographs, all in non-electronic format, that belonged to professor Marjatta Wis (1915-2008).
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    Helsinki Archive of Regional English Speech – Cambridgeshire Sampler

    HARES is a collection of audio-recorded interviews that were gathered in England in the 1970s and 1980s. The fieldworkers were Finnish graduate and post-graduate students from the University of Helsinki, who shared a common interest in the study of dialect syntax. The informants were elderly persons who had lived in the region all their lives and who had...