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    DigiSami Conversational Speech

    Introduction The DigiSami project ( aims to study the effect of digitalisation on small Finno-Ugric language communities and to support visibility and revitalisations of the endangered languages by creating digital content as well as developing language and speech technology tools, resources, and applications that can be used for...
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    Finnish First Encounter

    Introduction The research material consists of the Finnish first encounters dialogue corpus collected as part of the NOMCO project, a Nordic cooperation project. The project aim for developing and analyzing multi-modal spoken language corpora in the Nordic countries, and to compare communication strategies in three closely related languages (Danish,...
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    Estonian First Encounter

    Introduction Within the project MINT (Multimodal Interaction – intercultural and technological aspects of video data collection, analysis, and use) we have collected a corpus of Estonian First Encounter dialogs. The goals of the MINT project are: to create Estonian multi-modal video corpus on various conversational activities, to provide analysis and...