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IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT ETSIN! Old Etsin ( will be migrated into new Etsin ( at the end of June 2019. After the migration all PUBLISHED datasets will be visible in new Etsin.
Describing the datasets in Etsin will not be possible after 12th June 2019. Instead, describing the datasets will be done in new metadata tool, Qvain, which will be launched at the begin of July 2019.
Note! Remember to publish your dataset if you want it to be migrated into new Etsin.

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    Linked Media

    The media service of aims at collecting news and other media content into a Linked Data repository to be interlinked with each other. Initially, the service contains over 34,000 news from the Edilex News collection of Edita Publishing Ltd. This data is used by the Linked Data Finland project for interlinking news with the Finnish Linked Open Law...
  • Metadata: 4/5

    Halias Bird Observation Data as Linked Data

    This dataset contains systematic bird observations made at the Hanko Bird Observatory (Halias) during ca. 30 years. The data is provided originally by the Helsingin Seudun Lintutieteellinen Yhdistys Tringa r.y. The data is integrated with weather observation data for the same time period. The weather data comes from the Finnish Meteorological Institute....
  • Metadata: 4/5

    Semantic Finlex

    This dataset contains Linked Data regarding Finnish legislation and case law. The RDF data has been converted from legacy XML formats used within the Finlex online service. RDF data models used in the converted data conform to European URI and metadata standards, namely ELI (European Legislation Identifier) and ECLI (European Case Law Identifier). The...
  • Metadata: 3/5

    Ontology of finnish bird species

    Ontology of bird species observed in Finland. Species are annotated with characteristics descriptions, conservation statuses and rarity classes. Ontology is based on work by Birdlife Finland and Finnish Museum of Natural History. The characteristics ontology and annotations are based on NatureGate characteristics system.
  • Metadata: 4/5

    Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts

    The Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts (SDBM) makes available data on medieval manuscript books of five or more folios produced before 1600. Its purpose is to facilitate research for scholars, collectors, and others interested in manuscript studies and the provenance of these unique books.
  • Metadata: 4/5

    CEEC Sampler

    Published in 1998, the Corpus of Early English Correspondence Sampler (CEECS) represents the non-copyrighted materials included in the original CEEC. This means that the editors of the collections included in it have died over 70 years ago. We have also included some material (re-)edited by us (see Henslowe and Marchall collections). The CEECS is a fairly...
  • Metadata: 4/5

    Six Degrees of Francis Bacon

    Six Degrees of Francis Bacon is a digital reconstruction of the early modern social network (EMSN) that scholars and students from all over the world will be able to collaboratively expand, revise, curate, and critique. Historians and literary critics have long studied the way that early modern people associated with each other and participated in various...
  • Metadata: 4/5

    POI Ontology

    A point of interest (POI) is a specific point that someone may find useful or interesting. The purpose of this dataset is to aggregate POI data from different sources.
  • Metadata: 4/5

    Old Bailey Corpus

    The Old Bailey Corpus is a sociolinguistically, pragmatically and textually annotated corpus based on the Proceedings of the Old Bailey. These speech-related texts document Late Modern English as used in London’s Central Criminal Court. The Proceedings of the Old Bailey were published from 1674 to 1913 and constitute a large body of Late Modern English...
  • Metadata: 4/5

    FBTEE: The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe

    The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe (FBTEE) project is a digital humanities project of international significance mapping the production, marketing, dissemination, policing, and reception of books (and hence ideas) in the late eighteenth century. It aims to bring together and make interoperable and publicly available in a single digital resource...
  • Metadata: 4/5


    This dataset includes harmonized data of different kinds concerning the Second World War in Finland, separated in different graphs representing events, actors, places, photographs, and other aspects and documentation of the war. To test and demonstrate its usefulness, this data service is in use in the semantic portal: More detail can...