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IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT ETSIN! Old Etsin ( will be migrated into new Etsin ( at the end of June 2019. After the migration all PUBLISHED datasets will be visible in new Etsin.
Describing the datasets in Etsin will not be possible after 12th June 2019. Instead, describing the datasets will be done in new metadata tool, Qvain, which will be launched at the begin of July 2019.
Note! Remember to publish your dataset if you want it to be migrated into new Etsin.

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  • Metadata: 2/5

    19th-century British Newspaper Advertisements

    The corpus contains texts from 3 different newspapers from London (The Times, The Morning Post and The Morning Chronicle). All advertisements are in text format.
  • Metadata: 2/5

    The 2002 and 2006 Entrance Exam Essays of The University of Helsinki, English...

    The corpus contains the University of Helsinki's English Philology entrance exam essays written by candidates from 2002 and 2006. The average length of the essays is 293 words. The essays from 2002 are about a linguistic work while the ones from 2006 deal with a literary work. The corpus was compiled and originally used for studying the language skills of...