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IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT ETSIN! Old Etsin ( will be migrated into new Etsin ( at the end of June 2019. After the migration all PUBLISHED datasets will be visible in new Etsin.
Describing the datasets in Etsin will not be possible after 12th June 2019. Instead, describing the datasets will be done in new metadata tool, Qvain, which will be launched at the begin of July 2019.
Note! Remember to publish your dataset if you want it to be migrated into new Etsin.

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  • Metadata: 4/5

    Electron spectroscopy data of gas-phase Argon clusters

    Ar 2p photoelectron spectra recorded from small Argon clusters 19.-20.7.2011 at PLEIADES beamline, Synchrotron SOLEIL, Saint-Aubin, France (project 99110074). Recorded using VG-Scienta R4000 electron spectrometer. Photon energies used 300 and 390 eV.
  • Metadata: 4/5

    Data for Äijälä et al., ACP 2017: Resolving anthropogenic aerosol pollution t...

    Contains de-convolved aerosol mass spectrometer data of air pollution events at SMEAR II station, Finland during 2008-2009. Also includes classification results described in Äijälä et al. (ACP 2017).
  • Metadata: 4/5

    Phrase database for the chatting program Psyk

    This is a data file used by a conversation program (a.k.a. "chatterbot") called Psyk. Psyk is a learning program that remembers every line said to psyk, as well as the conversational context in which it was said. The data is formatted as one phrase per line. Every line has the format (context phrase) where context is a specification of the situation...