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IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT ETSIN! Old Etsin ( will be migrated into new Etsin ( at the end of June 2019. After the migration all PUBLISHED datasets will be visible in new Etsin.
Describing the datasets in Etsin will not be possible after 12th June 2019. Instead, describing the datasets will be done in new metadata tool, Qvain, which will be launched at the begin of July 2019.
Note! Remember to publish your dataset if you want it to be migrated into new Etsin.

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  • Metadata: 2/5

    Wanca 2016, Korp Version (BETA)

    The Korp version of Wanca 2016 is a collection of web corpora in small Uralic languages. The collection is composed of 29 sentence corpora in different languages. The corpora have been collected from the Internet using the automated system developed in the Finno-Ugric Languages and the Internet project (SUKI) supported by the Kone foundation from their...
  • Metadata: 2/5

    Lude (Ludian) Corpus (UHLCS)

    The corpus is available in Kielipankki - the Language Bank of Finland (, access rights instructions: Location: /appl/kielipankki/mrc-uhlcs/multilingual-language-archive/uralic-lgs/finno-ugric-lgs/baltic-finnic-lgs/lude The corpus contains samples of folklore of the Lude (Ludian) dialect of Karelian....
  • Metadata: 2/5

    Lude (Ludian) Corpus (UHLCS), Helsinki Korp Version

    The resource, a variant of Lude (Ludian) Corpus (UHLCS) (, will be made available at
  • Metadata: 2/5

    Finnish Folk Poetry

    The corpus is available in Kielipankki - the Language Bank of Finland (, A 34-volume collection of Finnic oral poetry, lyric, short rhymes, incantations etc., collected and recorded from the 16th century to the 1930s and published mostly between 1908 and 1948, with a supplement volume published in 1997....