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    Project MILDRED Research Data Repository Survey, University of Helsinki

    This dataset is part of Project MILDRED, Development Project of Research Data Infrastructure at University of Helsinki. The project started on April 29, 2016. Project aim is to provide University of Helsinki with state-of-the-art research data management service infrastructure. To gain knowledge about researchers' data storage and preservation practices...
  • Metadata: 4/5

    DMPTuuli user survey raw data 2016

    These are the anonymized raw data from the DMPTuuli user survey in October, 2016, organized by the Tuuli Project, University of Helsinki. The survey was sent to registered DMPTuuli users. The aim of the survey was to gather feedback, comments, and suggestions from users for the further development of the tool in 2016 and 2017. DMPTuuli is a tool for...