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    Highly oxygenated molecules (HOMs), sulfuric acid in ambient ions and as neut...

    Sulfuric acid and Highly Oxygenated Molecules were measured by CI-APi-TOF and corresponding ion clusters were measured by APi-TOF at SMEAR II station in Hyytiälä during April-June 2013. The data is combined into one .zip file and contains time series of different groups of compounds as well as their averaged diurnal cycle.
  • Metatiedot: 4/5

    Glanville fritillary genome project

    This collection of files contains Glanville fritillary butterfly (Melitaea cinxia, Nymphalidae) genome sequence v1 and in addition linkage maps, gene sets, functional annotations for protein coding genes on scaffolds and repeat libraries. The Glanville fritillary butterfly is a medium-sized butterfly species distributed from southern Finland and...