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TÄRKEÄÄ TIETOA ETSIMEN KÄYTÖSTÄ! Vanha Etsin -palvelu ( siirtyy osaksi uudistettua Etsin -palvelua ( heinäkuun alussa 2019. CSC siirtää kaikki vanhassa Etsimessä JULKAISTUT aineistot uuteen Etsimeen.
Aineistojen kuvailu päättyy vanhassa Etsimessä 12.6.2019. Aineistot kuvailaan jatkossa uuteen Etsimeen uuden Qvain -palvelun avulla, joka otetaan käyttöön heinäkuun 2019 alussa.
Huom! Muista julkaista aineistosi, jos haluat niiden siirtyvän uuteen Etsimeen.

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    Data for: Environmental impact indicators for the electricity mix and network...

    Data for: Environmental impact indicators for the electricity mix and network development planning towards 2050 - a POLES and EUTGRID model. Available regionalised database for environmental impact of current and prospective technology based on NEEDS. The data is provided as an Excel file and csv file. Further, the CBA data using a multi-criteria analysis...
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    R scripts for NewtonForest model (NewtonForest_0.24) and the measurements on stem diameter and tree height in tests stands in Hyytiälä and Estonia (Newtonforest_testing_data.xlsx).
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    Digital hydraulic boom with valve faults

    Measured data from a 2-DOF hydraulic boom with digital hydraulic control valves. Data is measured with no faults in the system and with certain valve faults.
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    Glanville fritillary genome project

    This collection of files contains Glanville fritillary butterfly (Melitaea cinxia, Nymphalidae) genome sequence v1 and in addition linkage maps, gene sets, functional annotations for protein coding genes on scaffolds and repeat libraries. The Glanville fritillary butterfly is a medium-sized butterfly species distributed from southern Finland and...
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    Hyperspectral Spatio-Temporal Point Cloud Dataset Collected with Finnish Geos...

    This dataset consists of 30 individual hyperspectral point clouds that were scanned with Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI) Hyperspectral Laser Scanner (HSL) between 11th and 12th of September in 2013 at southern Finland (Kirkkonummi, 60˚09′40′′N, 24˚32′48′′W). Projects (all by Academy of Finland): no. 265949/292757, New Applications for...
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    Eddy covariance CO flux data from Maaninka reed canary grass crop

    Data contains eddy covariance fluxes of CO, CO2, heat, energy, N2O measured on a mineral agricultural field located in Eastern Finland (63°9'48.69'' N, 27°14'3.29'' E), cultivated with a perennial reed canary grass (RCG, Phalaris arundinaceae, L. cv. Palaton). The measurements were part of the ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) Finland program...