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    The following datasets are included in the supplied hf_lob.h5 file: 1) features: an array with (453975, 15, 144) values for each time step. For each time step the most recent 15 feature vectors are extracted (144-dimensional features vectors). 2) targets: an array with (453975, 5) values. Five different predictions targets are extracted (only targets 0...
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    Crowdsourced WiFi database and benchmark software for indoor positioning

    This dataset contains two Wi-Fi databases (one for training and one for test/estimation purposes in indoor positioning applications), collected in a crowdsourced mode (i.e., via 21 different devices and different users), together with a benchmarking utility software (in Matlab and Python) to illustrate various algorithms of indoor positioning based solely...
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    INTEL-TUT Dataset for Camera Invariant Color Constancy Research Version 2

    Notifications 1) This dataset is intended only for academic use. 2) The image contents must not be reproduced or made public in any other form than via academic publications and conferences. 3) Version 1 can be found at Citation Any work that uses the dataset should cite the...